Police Dottie-dot Adam to you!

by GfG on December 24, 2008 · 7 comments

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Today found us celebrating Christmas Adam in our usual way: having hot chocolate at the courthouse while we looked at lights and then driving around town looking at house lights. It’s probably our kids’ favorite tradition. They look forward to it tremendously. One child in particular really gets into the awards side of it. See not only do we look at the house lights, but each person in the family gets to choose a house to give an award to. By award, I mean a piece of paper that says, “Our family would like you to know that we really enjoyed your house lights. So much so that one family member has chosen to give you their Best House award. Merry Christmas!” stuck in their mailbox. We saw some really pretty houses. We also saw some… serious Eat at Joe’s houses. 😉

This year we started off the evening differently, though. A church in town shares nativity collections from around the world with the community in an open house. The nativities were beautiful and the atmosphere was … reverent. It was so lovely. AND they minister to the children by having little crafts and nativities for them to ‘handle’. The church members were welcoming and kind. It was absolutely wonderful. It will now be a new part of our Christmas Adam outing. This photo is of the one I just fell in love with. Mary with child. Ah… it’s beautiful!!

Something else stood out about tonight’s excursion (other than the sad fact that My Sweetie was home in bed because he was feeling poorly from the yanking of the wisdom teeth gig) and that was Faith’s rendition of Feliz Navidad. She kept saying “Police dottie-dot!” Full of emotion and well wishing. Straight from the heart: Police Dottie-dot! Thankfully, she didn’t yell it to the large Spanish speaking family we happened upon when they were starting their La Posadas for the evening. We stayed in our suburban and watched (though they did invited us to join them- how kind!) and listened to them sing. It was pretty cool. Considering we didn’t understand a single word they said. And, get this! When I was first typing this post, I had to look up what the “going door to door during Christmas tradition” is called. La Posadas. Guess what the title of the figurine I fell in love with tonight is called? La Posadas! What a connected evening. (sidebar: I just remembered the other funny thing Faith said tonight. After I commented on an “Eat at Joe’s” house, she very sweetly said, “Maybe they like Indiana Jones, Mama.” Hmmm…. maybe we need to have her ears checked again.)

Finally, I got to end my day with a few friends just… pausing. I was invited to a friend’s house to just sit and visit. To take a breath before the next two days. I needed it. I was feeling wound up inside and this evening, topped off by the pause gathering, helped me unwind.

Anyway, all in all, it was a lovely day.

I hope that your heart is calm as you enjoy Christmas in whatever way the Lord has set for you this year. It really is amazing that God became flesh on purpose. That He came. That He came to live so He could die. What an awsome God.

Police Dottie-dot to you!

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