It Turned Out Sweet

by GfG on December 12, 2008 · 9 comments

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I’ve always heard women talk about what wonderful times they have with their children & friends during the holidays doing one specific activity. I would smile on the outside, but cringe on the inside. There was no way I was attempting the endeavor: making and decorating Christmas cookies.

It may sound innocent enough to you. It may actually sound completely innocent and charming. But I’ve made sugar cookies before. Thirteen years ago. I thought that it was the right thing to do with our, then, (sorta)foster son. What could I do to give him a beautiful Christmas memory? Oooohh, we’ll make sugar cookies together.

Well, hours later, we were both exhausted. My kitchen was in shambles. The cookies were cute (hands bent in the “I love you” shape in sign language), but they certainly didn’t look as stunning as they should to balance out the effort. We didn’t even ice them, for Pete’s sake! That would have pushed us both over the edge. Daniel thanked me and hugged me. Then he passed out. I crossed that off my list. Gladly.

So… when a sweet, new, young friend asked me if I might want to decorate cookies with the kids (she has a 5yo, a 4y, a 1yo and is expecting in Feb), it was Christ in me that said yes. It was not me. It was Him. Well, I did want to fellowship with her, so that part of me gave a resounding yes. The rest of me said, “What did you just commit to??? Are you out of your ever lovin’ mind? Not only did that almost put you into misery when you attempted it last, but this time you’re adding preschoolers to the mix!! And icing!!”

Then this friend, Charlsie, asked if I might want to invite anyone else… (inside: “Aaahhh!!! More little kids?! More blasted cookies to make??!”)… “Sure, who would you like to get to know?”

She then requested another mom from the homeschool group. That sounded really fun, but I was still imagining me in the kitchen making the cookies. I was starting to break out in hives, so I decided to be honest. “Um… this sounds like [it could remotely be]fun, but I really don’t make roll out cookies. I’ve had a bad experience. Do you think I could gather the toppings and you two could make the cookies?”

They went for it. I’m so grateful…

…because it was such a fun time today. My friends arrived with loads of cookies (sugar and gingerbread). I provided the setting, plates, drinks, some icing (OK, a ton of icing), 4 large containers of sprinkles, and mini M&Ms. It was obvious my thoughtful friends were concerned about my traumatic experience and how it might affect today’s fun becausee they also brought plenty of toppings.

We paired the older girls up with a pre-schooler each and let them at it.

They loved every sprinkle of fun. And so did I.

The part that had the moms giggling was the difference between the decorating styles. It was very obvious which family does this every year & have detailed ways of decorating and which families were simply basking in the opportunity to douse food in sugar and color (and had younger children, just to clarify!).

I submit these examples for your review. I’m sure you can guess which cookies my children did.

(My kiddos encourage you to click on the photos [especially the one with all the cookies in it] to really see the details on the cookies.)

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