Surprise! We had the baby!

by GfG on March 28, 2008

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Tuesday I started having contractions that wouldn’t go away. They were often and kept me up all through the night, So…at 5:30am on Wednesday, My Sweetie and I went to the hospital per the doc on call’s request. Thinking we might just be observed and get some IV fluids, but since they were coming every 10 minutes and putting stress on my uterus, Dr. R had an ultrasound ordered, recorded my contractions and then came in at 10am and said, “How does March 26th sound for a birth day?” We were concerned the baby might have some breathing issues since he/she would be 36 weeks and 6 days, but 37 weeks is considered ‘term’ and we had to weigh the risks for the baby against the risks for me. We decided to have the baby!

So… Wee Babe was born at 1:58pm 6 lbs 4 oz 20 inches long Sweetie and I fell in love with our child immediately.

Princess was thrilled to announce the baby’s name which quickly gave away the gender. Our sweet son is named for his father and his 2nd maternal grandfather (PL), in that order.

We all celebrated, but then it became obvious that Wee Babe was having some breathing issues. Xrays were taken and Dr. R informed My Sweetie (I was still in recovery) that Babe was going to need to be taken to the big city where he could be better taken of in an ICU.

Unfortunately, I was not able to go see him and he was not able to come see me before he left. So… that night My Sweetie left when Wee Babe left. He has been in the NICU since then. He’s receiving great care AND we have a ‘mole’ who is helping keep us informed and assured. She’s a dear friend and My Sweetie is staying with her and her dh while he is in the big city. Wee Babe has had the following done so far to help with his pnuemothorax and recovery:
lots of xrays
a chest tube to release the air that has escaped into his chest cavity (it did exactly what the docs wanted and removing the air pocket helped his heart go back into the right position)
lines put in through his belly button
IV on his scalp (looks very scary)
received some medicine to try to help his lungs ‘calm down’
and then this morning he was put on the ventilator because although the pnuemothorax seems to have been taken care of, his lungs have gotten ‘stuck’ in a fast and furious pattern/pace. That wears him out and is NOT good, so… the ventilator is to help his lungs rest and helpfully establish a slower pattern for him to follow on his own. It sounds really scary, but 3 dr.s tell me it will REALLY help him rest and recover.
Please pray for him to heal and recover.

It’s difficult to be in a hospital 70 miles away recovering from my c-section apart from my wonderful husband AND my new baby, but God is taking care of us and I will be with them soon. Thankfully, wonderful friends and PL are caring for the other darling 5 and they are having a blast. I have had a friend with me 24/7 so I am not alone. They are taking very good care of me and spoiling me. I’m sooooo grateful for all of the people who are taking care of us.

I will have my Sis post updates for me while I am in the hospital (I *should* get out tomorrow) since this hospital thinks blogspot is ‘risky’.

In Christ,

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